We Support Our Communities

The Gas Stop is proud to support many charities throughout our service area.

We believe in giving back to the communities that have so generously welcomed us and hope that what we do can have a lasting positive impact on those communities.

The Gas Stop believes in the power of charity and the strength of our communities.

Our priority is contributing where the need is greatest, with special consideration to:

  • Initiatives that help develop our communities with regard to at-risk youth
  • Early childhood and preschool programs that reach out to children in at-risk homes or situations
  • Youth activities and sports programs
  • Scrip Program

The Gas Stop typically excludes requests such as:

  • Those requesting personal assistance, including grants, loans or subsidies
  • Labor, fraternal or political causes
  • National organizations with no local ties
  • Fundraising expenses or freelance productions
  • Generic mail solicitations
  • Tickets for benefits or events

Contribution Request Procedures:

  1. Fill out a Sponsorship & Donation Request form
  2. In addition to the form, write a brief description of the request on your organization's letterhead. Please explain:
    1. whether the request is a new project, an ongoing program, or general operations funding
    2. other agencies already providing this service
    3. the expected results, including who will benefit, how they will benefit, and how this will be measured
    4. the organization's need and how the request meets identified needs not already met by other funding sources
  3. Include all deadlines or timetables for implementing and evaluating the project, as well as the project's budget. Other sources of financial support and amounts of funding pledged or received should be included

The Gas Stop is committed to being a responsible retailer. This means that although we sell alcohol and tobacco products in our stores, employees are required to be very diligent in enforcing legal parameters.

  • Employees are thoroughly trained on checking identification.
  • Signs are prominently placed in the store regarding ID checks.
  • All tobacco products are kept out of reach of customers.
  • Stores are randomly shopped and tested to make sure procedures are properly followed.

The Gas Stop also refuses to sell pornographic or adult products, such as magazines or videos.