Coffee Blend Selection

Why does 100% Arabica make a better cup of coffee?

Arabica beans are the cream of the crop. Unlike other coffee beans, Arabica is grown at higher elevations and in cooler climates which produces the finest beans in the world.  Perfect soil, favorable temperature conditions, and handpicking when ripe guarantees the highest quality beans for the best cup of coffee.

Holiday Coffee. 100% Arabica. 100% Fresh. 100% Brewed with Care.

coffee-thumb1Rain Forest House Blend
Made from a world class blend of 100% Arabica beans.  Medium-bodied and uniquely smooth, it's the perfect cup of coffee for every morning and every day.

coffee-thumb1100% Colombian
World famous, mountain grown.  Enjoy the aroma and smooth flavor of this classic. Taste the rich tradition of Colombian grown beans in every cup!

coffee-thumb1100% Colombian Decaf
Like 100% Colombian Coffee, our 100% Colombian Decaf features all of the body and smooth flavor of this classic roast, but without the buzz.

coffee-thumb1Dark Roast
Rich and full-bodied, our Dark Roast coffee is brewed from the best beans available.  Premium 'coffeehouse' coffee with a smooth finish that is never bitter.

coffee-thumb1East African
Fresh brewed with 100% Arabica beans from the place coffee began.  Rich in history, mellow in flavor.

When you want a little something different, try the Special Seasonal Blend! Each seasonal blend we offer is unique and made with 100% Arabica beans.